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Member IATSE Local #476 Since 1985



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Root of All Evil (2007)
Root of All Evil Productions, LLC
Make-Up for: Sean Bean, Mike Starr
   Make-Up Department Head
She Lived (2007)
Huntington Prep, LLC
Make-Up for: Haley Bennett, Chase Crawford, Jake Weber
   Make-Up Department Head
Merry Gentleman (2007)
Merry Gentleman, LLC
Make-Up for: Michael Keaton, Kelly MacDonald, Bobby Cannavale
   Make-Up Department Head
Domino (2004)
Totem Productions
  Make-Up Artist
Proof (2003)
Proof Productions, Inc.
Jeff Sharp, John Hart, Producers
   Make-Up Artist
Hardball (2001)
Paramount Pictures
Herb Gains, UPM/Producer
Make-Up For: Diane Lane, John Hawkes
   Make-Up Department Head
Net Worth (2000)
Net Worth Productions
Kris Wiseman And Cerise Fukuji, Producers
Make-Up For: Michael T. Weiss, Daniel Baldwin, Craig Sheffer, Todd Field
   Make-Up Department Head
Hellcab (1998)
A Child’s Will Productions
Paul Marcus, UPM
Make-Up For: Paul Dillon, John Cusack, Gillian Anderson,
Julianne Moore, Laurie Metcalfe
   Make-Up Department Head
U.S. Marshals (1998)
Warner Brothers
Alma Kuttruff, UPM
  Make-Up Artist
Reach The Rock (1997)
Great Oak Productions
Christopher Cronyn, Executive Producer
Make-Up For: Bill Sadler, Karen Sillas, Brooke Langton, Allessandro Nivola
   Make-Up Department Head
Chain Reaction (1996)
Twentieth Century Fox
Steve Lim, UPM
  Key Make-Up Artist
Normal Life (1996)
Normal Life Productions
Steve Jones, Producer
Make-Up For: Ashley Judd, Luke Perry
   Make-Up Department Head
While You Were Sleeping (1995)
Sst Productions/Caravan Pictures
Kate Beyda, UPM
  Make-Up Artist
Miracle On 34th Street (1994)
Hughes Entertainment
William S. Beasley, Up
Make-Up For: Jane Leeves, James Remar, Allison Janney, Mara Wilson
  Key Make-Up Artist
The Babe (1992)
The Babe Productions
Michael Polaire, UPM
  Make-Up Artist
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)
Paramount Pictures
John Hughes, Producer
  Key Make-Up Artist
Lucas (1986)
Twentieth Century Fox
Phillips Wylly Sr., UPM
Make-Up For: Corey Haim, Charlie Sheen, Winona Ryder, Jeremy Piven,
Courtney Thorne Smith, Gary Cole
   Make-Up Department Head
Raw Deal (1986)
International Film Corporation
Martha Schumacher, Producer
  Make-Up Artist


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Enemies (2006 – Pilot)
Enimies Productions, Inc.
Lata Ryan, Tony To, Producers; F. Gary Gray, Director
Make-Up For: Peter Facinelli, Jeffrey Donovan, Bruce McGill, Bess Wohl
  Make-Up Department Head
Prison Break (2005)
Prison Break Productions, Inc.
Michael Watson, Producer
Make-Up For: Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell
   Make-Up Department Head
What About Joan (2001 – Series)
Ashland Productions
Deborah Smith, UPM/Producer
Make-Up For: Joan Cusack, Kyle Chandler, Donna Murphy
   Make-Up Department Head
E.R. (1995-Present – Series)
Warner Brothers Television
Mike Salamunovich, UPM
Make-Up For: Anthony Edwards, George Clooney, Noah Wiley,
Alex Kingston, Maura Tierney, Goran Vijnic, Sherry Stringfield, Eric Lasalle,
Julianne Marguiles, Michael Beach, Gloria Ruebens, Laura Innes
  Key Make-Up Artist
Early Edition (1999-2000 - Series)
October Holdings
Loucas George, Producer
Make-Up For: Kyle Chandler, Sha’nesia Davis
   Make-Up Department Head
Turks (1999 – Series)
Studios USA
Wayne A. Farlow, UPM
Make-Up For: William Devane, Helen Cary, David Cubitt
   Make-Up Department Head
Real Life (1998 – Pilot)
October Holdings
Loucas George, UPM
Make-Up For: Jeremy Sist0
   Make-Up Department Head
Cupid (1998 – Pilot)
Universal Television
Ed Ledding, UPM
Make-Up For: Jeremy Piven
  Key Make-Up Artist
March In Windy City (1998 – TV Movie)
Yorkshire Television, London U.K.
Martin Auty, Producer
Make-Up For: David McCallum
   Make-Up Department Head
Chicago Hope (1994-2000 – Series)
Twentieth Century Fox Television
Rob Corn, UPM
Make-Up For: Hector Elizondo, Christine Lahti, Mark Harmon
  Key Make-Up Artist
The Untouchables (1993-1994 – Series)
Paramount Television
Tim Iacofano, Producer
Make-Up For: Nancy Everhard, Hynden Walsh
  Key Make-Up Artist
Two Fathers Justice II (1993 – TV Movie)
Clandon Television Productions
Joan Conrad, Producer
Make-Up For: George Hamilton
   Make-Up Department Head
Overexposed (1992 – TV Movie)
Harpo Productions
Debra Di Maio, Producer
Make-Up For: Marcy Walker, Dan Lauria, Terence Knox
   Make-Up Department Head
Open Admissions (1988 – TV Movie)
Viacom Productions
J. Boyce Harmon, Co Producer
Make-Up For: Jane Alexander, Michael Beach, Dennis Farina
   Make-Up Department Head
The Father Clements Story (1987- TV Movie)
Artisan Entertainment
Zev Braun, Producer
Make-Up For: Lou Gossett Jr., Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Carroll O’Connor
   Make-Up Department Head
Sable (1987 – Pilot)
Taft Productions
Ron Rapiel, Director
Make-Up For: Gene Simmons, Louis Van Bergen

   Make-Up Department Head


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Film: Makeup For:


James Cameron

Pearl Harbor

Colm Fiore, Cuba Cooding Jr.  & Josh Hartnet

Crocodile Dundee II

Paul Hogan

Sling Blade

Billy Bob Thorton and Dwight Yoakum


Mel Gibson

Heart And Souls

Robert Downey, Jr. & Tom Sizemore

The Accused

Kelly McGillis

Dead Again

Kenneth Branaugh & Emma Thompson


Faruiza Balk, Colin Firth & Meg Tilly

Perfect Weapon

 Jeff Speakman


 Brian Dennehey & Bryan Brown


Dennis Hopper, Kiefer Sutherland, Richard Masur, Carol Kane & Michael McKean

Seventh Sign

 Demi Moore


 Linda Fiorentino & David Caruso

EDUCATION: University of Michigan at Ann Arbor - Bachelors of Arts in Communications

REFERENCES: Available upon request.


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