Jamie S. Weiss
Make-Up Artist
Agent, Susan Wright
Phone: 818.995.1485
Email: susan@criterion-group.com

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Jamie Weiss' Press Coverage

Jamie readies Gillian Anderson's makeup.
Chicago Tribune Magazine,
Sunday, Oct. 12, 1997; Cover, Pages 14-26.
Photo by Steve Kagan
   Jamie touches up Laurie Metcalf's makeup.
Chicago Tribune Magazine,
Sunday, Oct. 12, 1997; Cover, Pages 14-26.
Photo by Steve Kagan

A makeup artist for the last 14 years, [Jamie] Weiss has worked on top Hollywood names. She did Keanu Reeves makeup in “Chain Reaction”... and powdered George Clooney’s nose for “E.R.”…

Weiss became a makeup artist by accident. After graduating from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor with a degree in film and video, she “attempted to get work as an animator. That didn’t work out so well. Then I worked as a production assistant, and someone asked me, ‘Do you think you could be a makeup artist?’

So I went to Kmart and bought $50 worth of makeup.”

And the results were fabulous, no?

“No!” she said, laughing. They looked horrible. But thankfully, I got better with time.”

Featured Showcase Article, At Home with Artist Jamie Weiss
Chicago Sun Times, Friday, October 24, 1997; Page N49

A quick look around the set reveals some familiar faces. Makeup artist Jamie Weiss, who was last seen on the set of “ER” when they filmed in Chicago earlier this month, is dusting light powder on [Mark] Harmon’s face.

Asked which cast was more difficult to work with – “ER” or “Chicago Hope” -- Weiss laughs.
“Oh, they’re both really fun” she says diplomatically. They make my job really easy. You take someone like Mark and he hardly needs anything done to him.” Which is what she said about George Clooney of “ER” as well.

Chicago Sun Times, Sunday, September 28, 1997; Page 14BN

“…makeup artist [Jamie Weiss] adds rough edges to an actor on “Turks”…

Chicago Sun Times
Sunday, January 17, 1999; Pages 1E and 11E.
Photo by Robert A Davis

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